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What is Hold Their Feet to the Fire?

Hold Their Feet to the Fire is the nation's largest annual immigration-media event, which this year takes place May 8 and 9 in Washington D.C. Nearly fifty radio hosts from across the country will broadcast their shows live from the event while interviewing members of Congress, law enforcement officials, state lawmakers, experts, journalists, activists and citizens burdened by the cost and harm of illegal immigration.

Since the spring of 2007 when Hold Their Feet to the Fire successfully helped defeat the Senate Amnesty Bill, the event has doubled in size due to mounting public concerns about illegal immigration and talk radio's expanding influence on the public policy process. This year's event is expected to be the largest yet given the election year focus on immigration, robust legislative action at the state level and speculation the Supreme Court's recent oral arguments on Arizona SB-1070 may result in a favorable ruling in June, creating an opportunity for other states to follow with similar bills.

Check out the video below about this event:

How is FAIR involved in Hold Their Feet to the Fire?

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) is the backbone of the Hold Their Feet to the Fire event. By organizing the event and providing logistical support to all the broadcasters, FAIR creates an opportunity for the public, media and lawmakers to educate and engage one another in the immigration debate.

FAIR is the preeminent membership organization of concerned citizens who share a common belief that our nation's immigration policies must be reformed to serve the national interest. FAIR's Website is located at www.fairus.org. In July of 2011, FAIR launched ImmigrationReform.com, FAIR's newest blog site for people who want TRUE immigration reform in the American interest. If you are interested in supporting Hold Their Feet to the Fire, you can do so by making a donation at our Website.

Why are we all here in Washington this week?

Because it is our duty as citizens to be here. In a democracy it is the responsibility of the people to hold their elected officials accountable. We do not shrink from that responsibility; that's why we are here to Hold Their Feet to the Fire.

We know that, as a nation, we can do better. We know that there are sensible steps we can take to make our immigration policies work for the American people. We know that because such policies are working and making a real difference in the lives of Americans in places where they are being implemented. We face formidable obstacles from an administration that is willing to ignore the Constitution and the interests of the American people to pursue its own political objective as it carries out an amnesty on its own. The Administration is openly refusing to enforce immigration laws passed by Congress and eviscerating our immigration enforcement capability. It is acting aggressively to prevent state and local governments from enforcing immigration laws and punishing those that try. Their message is clear: "We won't and you can't."

But we also have enormous strength. We have the strong support of the American people. We have the ability to reach millions of Americans through talk radio and other media. We have solid allies in Congress who stand with us. Most importantly, in just six months, the American people will be able to deliver the ultimate message to those in power. We are here to ensure that the message will be: U.S. immigration policy must serve the interests of the American people.

FAIR's State Cost Studies

FAIR's Research department routinely releases studies and research briefs that outline the burdensome cost of illegal immigration for different states. In 2010 we released a general United States cost study that estimated the annual costs of illegal immigration at the federal, state and local level to be about $113 billion; nearly $29 billion at the federal level and $84 billion at the state and local level.

Our national cost study as well as the most recent state cost studies for Ohio and Maryland, can be found at www.fairus.org/issues/publications/state-cost-studies.

All talk hosts, media and guests must register at the registration table for name badges, press passes and
broadcast booth assignments.

Hold Their Feet to the Fire is a presentation of the Federation For American Immigration Reform in cooperation with
participating radio stations, networks, and hosts.